Image of the Week.. blogger was unavailable... and I was actually ready and waiting arghhh

Irony is a tease.. Sat at my desk and smuggly logging onto the net I looked forward to posting on time for once.. one post a week of a new image..every Thursday.. but cruel cruel irony stripped me of such an opportunity by taking blogger ofline..

But I've still decided to post more than one pic..

One advantage that comes with the bain of moving house is the lush discovery of old hoardings.. and sometimes cameras. I decided to test an old canon 35mm film camera that has definitely been abused and neglected over many years. The counter read 21 so I figured I'd shove it in my bag as he headed for Cardiff to give a talk with the lovely Jocelyn Bain Hogg and David Hurn at Third Floor Gallery. I naturally assumed the previous unexposed shots were street photography from ions ago so I felt no pressure to create but just to notice.

I was disappointed to say that due to one of them being Ben Roberts I didn't shoot this roll as long ago as I expected and suddenly remebered it was a pentax that daily accompained me at first. The images aren't great but it's nice to find another box that functions...

However the black and white choice was a nice surprise.

I have also included a recent shoot for The Sunday Times of Wayne Hemminway and his son Jack. The guys were great fun, as you can tell.. I am posting this one as it is not due to printed.. they ve gone for a different one this weekend.

As a one off I thought I'd also post these links as I'm really chuffed that our hard work paid off and the campaign has gone down well, it was great fun and I am really grateful to everyone involved.. including those that posted this...