image of the week...better late than never..

Shamefully my latest post to date in over two years.. lame..

Touring England seems to be this weeks trend as I take on the bag lady role and delve to Kiddiminster, Uxbridge, Oxford and Devon. Trainline can rest assured it can pay the bills this month.. I feel blessed by spontaneous trips and have got to see some beautiful sites, spend quality time with friends and embark on adventures with new people.

Some treats have included roaming service stations that have been conquered by OAPS , developing a two day long eye twitch due to Starbucks herion, travelling to the depths of Kiddiminster to move furniture and occassionally take pictures , gingerly half getting into the ice cold Devon sea with a lovely Scientist and some brocolli , scarring my assistant with a close up, full on bum in face flash...

oh yeh and toasting a glass of tipple at 11 30 am with Jilly Cooper..

I'd also like to dedicate this post to Stuart Harper my new assistant... he has been working his little socks off and sharing the adventures. Fun fun times and whilst he fleets to NY this month I hope he has fun and doesn't buy any dresses I have too.. xx