Image of the week...better late than never

Thursday came..and went and I Brownies promise to hit my Thursday deadline this week..

Back to this past week..

I threw caution to the wind and decided to opt for a last minute trip to Glasgow to see my subject for the STC project. My first experience of a sleeper train and back to Irun Bru land I went. It felt like an adventure and as I excitedly clambered onto the top bunk (shotgun.. even though alone) I relished the sense of uncertainty. Sleeper trains are the worst enviroment to wake up in mid way through the night when you re in a state of semi consciousness and your bladder moans. Awaking to straps designed to prevent the sleeper from injury I walked like a drunken hag to the bathroom.

6 am ,Teeth brushed and camera at the ready I headed for Ashley's and spent the day hanging out. The day seemed long and tiring despite actually doing nothing. A never ending journey featuring coffee and retouching made it possible to stiffle through the results and the instant pang of regret hit my stomach. 1 roll..... Just one passed through my Bronica. leaving my lense at Ashley's flat whilst we visited her aunt meant I had to opt for digital and I craved the memory of Mr Harper to have saved the day.

However this loss only spurs me to return when funds allow...

Notoriously late!

Also featured a Young Love scans from the past...