image of the week...bahhhhhh hummbug

I sulk as I post as I hate the way that everything bloody closes over the holidays..labs, printers, scanners... hence I am stripped of my freedom to post something that I am happy with.. however I post due to habit and obligation to my rules..

so it's been a funny ol week.. Crisis tradition this year with mum was fab... one birth too... and I met many a homeless folk who told me sad and uplifting tales and played brilliant footy . (Just edited previous post as I suddenly realized how horrible it made me sound.. )

On a completely different note I am loving the fog but hating the darkness. The madness of darkened skies at 2pm means less shooting time and frustration.

The image posted was a commission for my godmother's husband. A family who featured massively in my childhood, The Ramsays' are such special individuals. My godmother has the most incredible ability to describe anything with such vocabulary that you cannot help but linger as she speaks and relish in her tales, Laurie ( my old pal from minor years) is vivacious and incredibly intelligent (now a qualified doctor) and Davey... ahhh the one they call 'Beef' .. a huge desperate Dan of a man entertained Laurie and I in our youth and is a gentle but wholesome character. His 3rd book is being published and he needed a pic for the sleeve.

I jumped at the chance to see them as they visited from Devon and we found the most INCREDIBLE landscape... I am actually not happy with the images but I have vowed with an eager heart to return to the location to shoot... happy relaxing... x