Image of the Week, bad habits.. no excuses....

Well well well, surprise bloody surprise.. ladies and gents it's official my punctuality regarding posting on a Thursday sucks.. every week now? Rest assured I'm adamant to stay optimistic and focussed for next who knows...

So wedded bank holiday bliss or a big global fuss, either way we all became victim to the royal m'larkey that took place..

I tried to decide what to shoot that day as a friend of mine had asked me to capture it..

In the mood for getting lost, I grabbed my wheels and cycled with a rucksack of simple treats and two rolls of films in search of what was actually occurring locally..if anything. Lamely despite it being such a social event I wasn't really in the mood for being amongst friends and vino so I opted out to meet strangers.

My first port of call was a croquet match in east London.. however on my way I stumbled across a minute street party full of kids and couples that I call 'Hovians' ( that would fit in well in Hove). I hopped off, parked and decided to see if it provided a frame. After a warm welcome and chin wagging galore I ended up staying for the remainder of the day and larking about in the hazy sun.

Here a few frames that I am not sure necessarily capture the royal wedding but they will remind me that despite all of the mass hype I had discovered the simple sense of community that I hoped the day would provide.