image of the week - another from the dam....with added cake

This image although not a fav , entertains me and I wanted to post it because I hope you too will find amusement at a large camp dutch man walking his unruly pupp at 7 am on a bitterly cold and windy day in Amsterdam

From the same roll that I posted last week this was going back to my roots of street photography . The frustration lies in the limited amount of control over light, composition and expression but the joy lies in the unexpected chance of discovering moments and individuals that capture your imagination and give you a small glimpse into their daily lives.

This other image is for The Most Cake.(hence the candle..) My good friend Holly urgently asked me to cover her on a shoot and I was happy to help as holly has always done her best to help me out in times of need....alas I will not go into a rant but I can safely say that after waiting 3 and half hours and then being told that the subject wished not to be photographed with no chance of wooing or persuasion...I have only a test to show..