Image of the week...and wpp news

Sorry sorry sorry, not only due to being out of the country last week did I fail to post ( I hang my head in shame) ...but this post is also late...

A little image of the week ,not my proudest but a joy to return to the streets to play and snap and something I am itching to do more.

The world Press Photo weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in what seems like ions and it was inspiring, surreal and pretty much a dream come true.

Deciding to make the most of the weekend on arrival I checked in to the super posh hotel that myself and the other 1st prize winners had been kindly accomodated to by WPP and got straight on the blower to all the winners...

"Oh hi is that Eugene Richards? hi Eugene it's Laura Pannack, I just wondered if you fancied going for dinner/drinks this evening? see you in the lobby at 8"

Fifteen minutes later I am sat in a nearby Italian with some of the loveliest most inspiring people and I knew the weekend was going to be great fun. I nervously delivered my presentation and absolutely relished listening to the stories and advice from the other winners,. The final evening involved some old school mary j bliege body popping with Paul Lowe ruling the dance floor.

So what is the pic of then? ... well it was Queens day during my visit (a massive Notting Hill carnival like holiday) I crave serenity during such fun but hectic events so woke in the early hours on the first day and decided to try and get lost in the Dam with my baby Bronica. I really embraced the idea of strolling and exploring and although my hands were too cold and brain a bit fuzzy to compose and shoot properly I managed to capture a few things to remind me of the walk.

My thanks to World Press Photo for an incredible weekend and to Joe Petersburger for his warmth and laptop charger xx