Image of the exclusive YBN treat...return from Perpignan..

So... Perpignan.. wow.. I admit I was concerned and actually almost dreading what I had heard through the photography vine a trip that I would deteste; a circus of competitive docummentary photographers that conquere the beautiful town for a week in September...

However I loved it! There was an often a little over bearing competitive atmosphere but it was partnered with a beautiful supportive and family like community of shared passion.

However I was fortunate, people were kind and great fun. I got the opportunity to meet some brilliant photographers and receive feedback from editors with oracle wisdom.. eat great food, drink lovely wine and banter until silly hours.

My flatmates Toby Smith , Ben Lowey and Jason Larkin were great company and great roomies ( I shall not mention the severe inhumane noise that Toby makes in his sleep)

The response from those I showed my work to was invaluable and it was a pleasure to meet people in person and put faces to emails.

I got to spend some great quality time with Leo Maguire and Guy Martin and after what seems like a whirlwind of a few days it is firmly in my diary for next year. There is too much to vent on my trip.. good and bad experiences but all in all..I had a great time and it's definitely in my diary for 2011..

This image is a treat as my post is late.. another YBN image. I am exploring group shots more and more and want to try and portray a sense of the interactions and activities that take place at the naturist camps/trips.

It's hard, a challenge to say the least as to create something emotional, engaging and beautiful takes time, patience and I am enjoying pushing myself out of my comfort zone and learning new working methods..