Image of the week... ahh well hello internet...

It's not my fault!!

Alas my connection to the world outside of my iphone limits was at a max restriction this week, hence the belated post ( makes a change ay...)

It's been a busy few days which keeps Pannack a happy bunny and the Bronica has seen a few sunny rays. The broken digital beast was also retuned from the doctors and I've been on the road a little..but this weeks post is not a commission, nor something I shot in the past few days . It is in reference to last weeks blurb..

For me these images may not be a success but they mean something and mark a time of transition and realization. The remind me that shooting is learning and producing can be experiencing. They are a reflection of being fed up of relying on other subjects; of being let down and how observational photography can be a release. Like most photographers my roots lie in street photography and in times of stress, boredom, confusion or frustration it holds the ultimate key to giving me the space I need.