Image of the week...adventure wanted

I shamefully admit in some ways I enjoy being a creature of habit and luxury returning with a gleeful skip to M&S at Heathrow and soon readjusting back to the normal hustle and anonymous bustle of the smoke.

That is not to disregard the lush pleasure and relief I gained from the simplicity and warmth of Sudan but just to demonstrate how easy it is to slip back into the infectiously impatient, irritable,savage city crowds.

This weeks post is a reminder from one of my favourite trips to date..yup the Portland escapade with the great Mr Chau.

I ve chosen this as it reminds me that adventures anywhere can be fun and those you encounter often resonate the areas they are situated. Like animals I wonder do our enviroments shape us or do we build our land to inhabit us? This young mother reminded me of the island, her mystique yet simple character instantly grabbed me and I stole her seconds before her bus arrived as she fleeted off in an instant.However (with a lot of quick persuasion) she allowed me 2 single frames. Annoyingly I have forgotten her name but I remember thinking how much it suited her.

Anywho, it makes me want to explore more of the UK and so many other hubs on my list…if only I could stop time…