Image of The Week... a YBN treat...

I thought I'd put up a recent YBN image to add to the edit. The project is proving highly stressful and I need to swing into organization station mode and plan my summer shoots..

This is Kay. Some shoots flow and pan out pretty much as you'd expect but Kay was different. The longer I spent shooting her, the more I learnt. I always speak to my models about their passions and interests prior to the shoot as I want these images to be about these people not their nudity.

Kay's unusual interest in Dolls houses already provided an interesting starting point but as the shoot continued more of her interests were revealed. However sometimes it can be overwhelming when there are many elements you want to include and I found myself actually veering away from squeezing too many of her interests and just concentrating on her, hinting subtly to her passion for dolls houses.

Kay was warm, polite and very interesting to photograph. my thanks to her for her patience and time and to her mum for being so welcoming!