Image of the week.. a nakey treat

Should we drive back?...It's quite we have time?... We managed to fit in at least 6 shoots a day on our Manchester trip (posted last week) and on the first day (on our way) I arranged to photograph Jon for my YBN project. With so many of the volunteers I have sourced living so far I simply couldn't afford not to make sure I allowed extra time by arriving a day early to squeeze the shoot in. However traffic was crud and time quickly escaped me as we shot. When I finally found the shot I wanted Jon ran out time and had to leave. I managed to get one frame on film and i knew I had it digitally but not on film...

So here lies the dilemma......I shoot the assignment but I have an itching desire to return to Jon at some point and shoot on film so i can be sure I have the image I want on negative. In order to do this I obviously prioritize the commission and decide that if I can handle the extra 2 hours drive on top of the 6 hours home I will return. As expected that itch was too strong to resist scratching and the A6 called my wagon..

With lots of organization, hardwork and coffee ( I am literally a slave to the bean in Daniel's words) I managed to drive the extra few hours on the way home and squeeze the other half of the shoot in to recapture the shot on film.

I was lucky, Jon was patient and understanding and Tim faced the random and unexpected challenge of assisting on a YBN shoot (which I rarely ask people to do).

I was slightly concerned with throwing the request at him but he handled it brilliantly and made sure myself and Jon felt at ease and I am sure Jon will agree the feel of the shoot was very relaxed.

So after a crap day today I decided to treat my stressed soul to an immacon scan and get these up... I praise Tim for his dedication and assistance and Jon for his patience.