Image of the week.....a jumble

More adventures needed.... so Im in adventure mode and have been on a few recent walks with male buddies... first up a catch up with Benjamin Roberts and yesterday one with Jonah...films to be scanned so meanwhile here's another STC piccy , a fun memory from dino land and a final one from Tim.

I ve decided that whilst i muster up the new projects and test the waters, walks and company are a good distraction. The opposite of applying pressure of the next project, the need for a focussed idea and a solution to the fog is simple...don't think. Clearing my mind and relaxing is a must right now and the only niggling factor is a broken Hasselblad i treated myself too naively off ebay...grrrr

so until the imacon see s my negs these will have to suffice. There is something so satisfying about clicking a shutter for joy without expectation or pressure....don't think brain.

" Those eyes that you asked me to direct at the lens seem initially to challenge but then there is the realisation that they are saying ''welcome to my misty, mysterious world - come in, the water's fine. Weird and strange, but fine.'' l seem crowned by a mystical ruff of space and time, of light and darkness. The water is indeed fine but how deep and what lies beneath? My illness is represented as a brilliant wash of texture and light but with hidden dangers made more easily dealt with due to the power of the mind behind those eyes to see light where there is darkness, answers where there are questions and beauty where there is ugliness. You, the viewer may well have been in that deep lagoon yourself before. You may not have been there and can only imagine what lies beneath the surface. Either way, you are prepared to trust the possessor of those eyes, those thoughts, those ideas, that knowledge, to lead you through the murkiness to find a piece of cool, clear water in which, at least for a few moments or at most, for a lifetime, you can join him whilst he flips and plunges, floats and ponders, dives and rises up towards the sun on his journey through uncharted waters of emotion, elation and discovery"