image of the week...6x8 mag back so again its not a gem but a promise is a promise...

A gaffa taped up Bronica means that exploring new cameras is a must and this is a test from the 6x8 mag back on an RB67 I managed to get hold of.

Say hello to housemate Ben... Ben kindly lent me his mug to test the beast on.. As I clambered onto a chair and wrestled with a strange new box it made me realize that I need to to try is 5x4...time, patience, camera and dollar is all that is preventing me ..but soon..

Ta again Benjamin xx

On a seperate note here is a commission from the Guardian that they have presented in a vid which was nice...[dot]guardian[dot]co[dot]uk%2Fbooks%2Finteractive%2F2010%2Fmar%2F24%2Frupert-thomson

And finally pluggy plug plug:

Grab yourself a ticket and join us for munch and cocktails ..and of course great photography.. i am honoured to have 3 prints in the show and be exhibited alongside some great photographers as well as great friends.. Daniel Lillie, Toby Smith,Poulomi Basu, Harry Borden as well as many others... I am looking forward to it.. xx