image of the week....


I gaze to my right at Toby as we both sit tight lipped, with brains synced at the hiarious situation we find ourselves in...

" I think you go over the..or is it right...maybe it's back that way? Is it that way Barbara?...Ohhh, maybe it was left, I'll tell you what, this was the way I thought we were coming but now I ve realized... oh right! right! right! here...oh no you can't ...hmmm ok well it was definitely back there...ohh Susan 'member those road works they had down there last summer...left! ..."

Blocking out the screams of tangled directions from two 80 year olds in the back of the wagon who are most definitely still fired up after a good shoot in full costume we meander round Sheffield avoiding several near misses.

Thankfully we arrive at our destination and a few G&T's later the fiery group of Green Estate women are giggling and snapping away.

Toby has been my assistant on the Sheffield commission (posted last week) He has been patient and polite and broken a few hearts I imagine when I shot today without an assistant the look of disappointment in the eyes of the women searching for a shadow behind me clearly confirmed he was a hit with the group.

Assisting on sensitive and intimate portraits to helping me round up 50 kids in an ice hockey rink, to tableau shots and pub drinking Toby did very well.

This image was from a shoot Toby helped me on this week. I love shooting in schools, they are proberbly one of my favourite locations and I'm happy to say this one had character and a great vibe.

As we swept aside a mountian of crusts and cucmber pieces to reveal a silenced and evacuated lunch hall I tested a shot on Toby. Both only having a few hours sleep and exhausted from the mission we tested in silence and the serene moment was a perfect start to calm the brain.