Image of the week...

Yup yup another trip with a great friend and great photographer Hin Chua... (

As I patiently apply gaffa tape to the rear of my Bronica and several parts fly off in various directions I continue to push my baby Bronica to it's limits and drag it out into the pouring rain on Folkstone beach. Coversation is never dead with Hin and as we walk in the pelting rain and stumble across a young girl running from her village of sand castles. I leap and ask where her parents are and drop to my knees a few seconds later with her placed proudly in front of me, intrigued by the soaking wet tourist.

As I feel the puddles in the sand around my knees and I hold the gaffa tape in place whilst winding the film on I smile to myself feeling like a child at play.. For both Hin and myself photo wise not the most successful image making trip but a bloody good chin wag and a well overdue catch up. It is important for me to remmeber that sometimes it is the images I choose not to take that makes me a photographer..xx