Image of the week...3 men...3 walks

The last few weeks have been adventure filled. A few walks to take time to reflect , play, relax and explore and the company really altered the experience, adding a bit of variety . I was fortunate enough to have the company of 3 different male friends on 3 different walks.

After the Christmas break I struggled to jump back into the January pace and found my head and legs slower than usual. I craved a holiday with my bronica and a bit of blissful ignorance.

This was a chance to catch up with my boys and run away.

So how do walks differ alone? They are more independent in path and thought , exploring feels liberating, it can be self punishing, moods shift and I find the freedom refreshing.

Alternatively the unpredictable nature of company fused with an adventure can be just as fun. Both are memorable and these recent walks created a great opportunity to assess the differences

Unfortunately I canne present them chronologically ... numero 2 is Jonah.

John has the ability to make me revert back to the days of being 9 years old ( a compliment). He is playful, creative yet thoughtful.

This frame was a rare moment when light strikes two photographers' imaginations. Transformed, we were two children encapsulated in the joy of the sun like children discovering an abandoned supersoaker on a sunny day. Identical grins followed by a procession of playful enactments, spontaneous gestures and creative ideas.... innocent play with no

Harsh sunlight in fleeting visits was a tease .. perhaps the image doesn't show the moment to it s potential but reminds me of the walk....ta sir, you are a ledge x