image of the week...

Quiet times scare Pannack so I was relieved when the ical soon filled to the brim... so a lame weekly excuse as per bloody usual yup a later post... As the rules state I must post more than one due to crudness...

OK so this weeks post comes from the gem of the weekend with Hin again..I canne help it..that weekend may provide a few posts just for pure memory and to motivate another trip

Numero duex..

I feel honoured to have been asled to particpate in 'The chain' :

Alongside some great friends and photographers, a project was proposed by Stewart Pilkington. It challenges how we approach projects, how to unite our ideas and how to actively persue a concept with no intention or motive other than fun and particpation.. treats..

So here's mine:

I think it's a fab idea and I really hope that there is another one soon

It was refreshing to have the decision made for me and I urge the concept of this collective project to continue.. I would jump at the chance of doing it again,

Righty sleepy eyes ..xx