image of the week...

My NY resolution..chin up, no floating in self doubt, depression and frustration... I shall make an effort to not vent so much negativity..word.

so....on time (miracles can occur clearly) so only one this Thursday....

I finally got round to scanning some of the images from my shoot with Tim (posted ions ago now) It does seem strange looking back at how the day unfolded and how game Tim was for really trying all of the ideas. The milk-shake theme continued and with kind weather Tim was eager to get his kit off.

He fell into feeling at ease with the camera and initiating his project by the means of modelling for life drawing so this seemed appropriate.

I wanted the images and ideas to be a collaboration and the naked form of his body seemed to be something Tim not only felt would enhance the image, but I also assume contribute to the experience of being photographed. It can give the sitter a feeling of ownership and exposure and this shoot was about Tim; his body, his mind, his life and his soul. The illness was simply a catalyst for the project. The nudity also fitted well with the maternal elements of milk and eggs .

I sent Tim the images and he sent a long, well thought out and conceptual reply. Here is a short quote:

" There is a quietness and simplicity about them which draws you in and then, pow! Each one rolls over you like the sun rising up in the early morning bringing much needed warmth with it and slowly your whole body is infused with a glow as all the aspects of the photograph unfold before you and your mind begins to question and possible answers throw themselves up for consideration, examination, elucidation."

I'll be posting another one soon with more quotes xx

It was a delight to collaborate with a sitter as keen on being involved in a shoot as the photographer and I am relieved he is chuffed; but most of all, that we had fun....random fun...but fun.