Image of the two weeks.. there's a first time for everything

So yup it happened. I actually missed a week... forgive my sins.. i was in the Caribbean on a stupidly lucky trip and I seemed to forget the world. I was fortunate enough to grab an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas for 4 days..a trip of a lifetime with free meals , activities, spa... etc amazing.. despite the monstrous amount of luxury handed to me and the continuous indulgence, I actually discovered my favorite way to relax... I jumped in a cab and headed out of town.. alas my Bronica sulked in my cupboards at home as the trip was part commission and I expected to be rushed off my feet with no opportunity to even dream of street roaming.. regrets.

Anyway in the couple of hours that I wandered in the heat I took a few snaps and relished true indulgence.. for me real guilty pleasures come in the form of my feet, eyes and my camera. Spending time isolated with the freedom to explore is something I will always cherish. With no expectations but a mind clear of stress there is nothing more relaxing and blissful than getting lost with intention.