image of the old week...

Ooooh dear the realisation of my oldness arrives once again... yup, Tuesday marked 27 years since I landed head first upon earth. Birthdays are a time for:

ignoring the nagging clock of doom by drinking alcohol

self improvement and self analysis

.....going to prison with friends..

I ve had a fun old week but keep searching for new answers to that age old question...

"so...what are you working on at the moment??"

To which I reply:

" I'm in R&D time..." but am I? hmmmmm

Well one project as followers know is the 2 step polaroid project and RA and I are well overdue another wee mission so in the mean time I shall reminisce on previous visits and look forward to more adventures.

In the analogies of Hin Chau, I guess grey periods of in between projects is like being single...seems like I ve been looking for project love for too long and frustration is settling in.. but in the mean time I guess Ill have a few flings and have fun.

self improvement numero one... punctuality... check!