Image of the crazy week

Crazy week is an understatement.. the shoot for 180 was a bigun and as it crept ever nearer the mountain of emails, schedules and call sheets finally drew to a close and the fun began.. Hyped and ready to go, the invicible team conquered the many obstacles thrown at us with ease, serene confidence and general all round coolness.... most importantly we had a bloody good time ..

The campaign was for a non profit charity raising awareness of the affects of divorce and separation on young children.

The location was  an ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmazing swish pad in Notting Hill that clearly belonged on CRIBS.

The models were cast by the film crew aged 8 - 11.. all pretty damn cute.

The production on this one was pretty immense.. by 9 am The mammoth abode was filled to the brim. There were runners for runners , assistants for assistants and stylists for stylists . Thankfully no one under 11 (or Ollie) were given smarties or anything to trigger a sugar high. Instead we became slaves to the bean and departed to a much needed alternative location for alcoholic beverages for the debrief and selection..

The amazing crew, the agency ( and I'm not just saying this) were bloody wicked, ensuring smiles all round

SO here s a sneak peak of a couple ..


Ollie whitehead, Will Grundy, Callum Toy... Legends xx

Major thanks go to the crew... boys without you on the team my sanity and fatigue would have been ...well... buggered.. ta kids xxx