i know..... i know....

Shame on me for a late post.. i ve been working hard on a couple of campaigns whilst trying to YBN it as much as poss.

So i thought I d post a little evidence..

I've just finished shooting for a great charity called Fairbridge and we managed to cram in 10 portraits into 1 and a half days..

Here's a bit of blurb:

Inside every disadvantaged young person, there is a confident, positive, individual trying to break out. Last year, Fairbridge helped 4,000 take their first step. Most were classed as having ‘multiple needs’, such as homelessness, substance misuse or a history of offending.

I was asked to shoot a mixture of those that they have helped and the people who make Fairbridge happen. I ve only gone through a few so here's 2 shots..

All of the team were lovely and without their support and hardwork it could have been a real mission to organize.

Daniel Lillie was at hand and it was great to work with the ol boy again ... but my new resolution is definitely to treat my assistants better as I ve been barking recently which is not on and for that Daniel yes I do owe you beer and thanks for understanding..

As always great fun and some interesting stories..

And ce soir.. woop de woop, sell out Host summer show means I may well be drinking beverages of an alcoholic nature and look forward to see the work as it looks fab online..if you were quick enough to get a ticket I'll see you there! xx