woop woop...before 12pm... check it out...for once the lady has beat the clock...

SO this week I am not allowed to wallow in self pity and depression as my moaning and negative mumbling is irritating ( myself and you Tim)..

Dust ya self off Pannack and get on with it.

These are a few from a recent Harmless shoot. They are the first lot I've done separate from the commission I sold to The Sunday Telegraph Magazine and it was interesting to work with Rob as both his type of self harm and his coping mechanisms were unusual. His story is complex and he has faced a difficult time, however rather than delve into the details I have asked him to submit some writing but until I hear back I thought I'd keep it brief.

I am planning on shooting him a few times to cover the different aspects of his self abuse and journey.

Rob inflicts self harm in a few different ways but the most common being whacking his head against telegraph poles. This is something he has done for years and it varies form acute to frightening episodes where he has fallen unconscious.

All of my subjects have been asked to consider how they cope with the urge to harm themselves . ....cue the hairdryer... one main solution for Rob is to listen to white noise (found in hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, motor engines etc) the heat of the hairdryer compliments the calming affect.

This last frame was one I decided to take out of curiosity. Rob showed me this breathing aparatus for his sleep apnea ( a disorder where upon the patient stops breathing when asleep)

I found this shocking but also really interesting especially as Rob has come so close to death so many times. The idea that his body chooses to not function whilst he sleeps is bizarely horrid.

Rob was warm, welcoming, open and a subject I am looking forward to continue working with, my thanks to him... oh and the legend that be Mr. Joe Starbuck... the wee fella with the daddy of all tash's assisted me on a rainy sunday afternoon.. I still owe him that beer... xx