dazed and confused (p188)

This was an usual shoot. The PR (who was lovely) warned me that I would have 30 mins max (which turned out to be 10) and that Javier might a 'challenging' person to do business with as he had a full day of shoots and interviews. Javier had the main show at the Design museum .. I realized preparation was key. My brief was to photograph an artist and his exhibition/work... so upon researching his work I thought that his childlike animation would work well within the image rather than accompanying him. I bought a sheet of glass and some boardmarkers and wanted him to draw picasso like section of his face over his own one. I arrived early with Holly and Emily (more about that later) to scout the design museum. A very late,stressed and bold Javier was ready a few hours later and was not keen on my idea. The communication barrier was a problem and we all feared he would lamp me at any moment. However with a bit of charm and persuasion I managed to grab almost 10 miuntes of his time...I then waited for him to finish his day in case he would allow me one more picture...hours later during a cigarrete break he allowed one quick snap and complimented me on my dedication... It was a challenging shoot and one that without preparation would have gone very differently. Without my assistant Emily Graham (www.emilygrahamphotography.com // www.contactcollective.blogspot.com) and my friend Holly Falconer ( www.hollyfalconer.com peopleinlondon.wordpress.com)the shoot simply would have been a nightmare. Their commitment, hard work and patience kept me sane. You guys are legends, big love girls...xx