better late than never... i hope...

Forgive my unpunctual post ... My tyres hit Bolton for a 3 day assignment on 'Motorway Men' (cover and 6 pages for an overseas weekend magazine)...ironically after the first day it seems I fit this title more than my subjects as my toothbrush gleams ready for use on the dashboard and the jumble sale of coffee cups seems to be slowly conquering the front deck.

A busy but fun week which prevented me from posting Thursday as promised... 00:14 bugger I didn't even make Friday..

Back in London it would be no understatement to say I actually feel like I have returned from a foreign land.. The assignment was full on as nothing had been proposed and all shoots/images had to be sourced, organized and doccumented.. research and long days were a must...resulting in meeting some really diverse and interesting people, expanding my political knowledge and exploring the land of Bolton..

Sachas hotel provided me with great 'air con' (two broken windows) and half a bath...woop woop... but it is I who is to blame for refusing to commit to the predictable and reliable chain hotels...there's something exciting about checking into a random hotel/motel and the 50's decor is always a winner (especially teamed with an empty casino basement)...

Tim was my assisting companion and forgave me for one childish outburst of rage in the carpark.. (thank you), assisted brilliantly , kept me awake for the long drives.. and completed the challenge of assisting on a YBN shoot that I arranged to coincide.

Now the edit begins but for my sins I have posted a selection on my way through the images.. next week I promise to be on thanks to Tim and all of our willing particpants..