better late than never?

So I am rubbish and last Thursday failed to post an image of the week.. it's been a manic week of planning future trips and also I wanted to hold back on showing anymore naked treats as it will spoil the unveiling of the project. So in reflection of this I'm posting an image that is new from the ybn series but will not be used in the final edit as it's not a fav.... my blog concept.. a marker in my naked posts by using an image that is ambiguous, anonymous yet hopefully intriguing as the sitters identity is unknown.. in turn this will encourage me to shoot other things to post so that each week there will be a true surprise in the adventures of Pannack and her Bronica..also I am not posting commissions until they are printed so there are images to show but they will have to wait..perhaps now and again my temptaion will reside and I'll spring up a nakey treat but for now here is the image of the week until next Thursday.. thanks for the patience kids...x