image of the week...for Sara

I'd like to dedicate this post to sara rumens:

'....that'll be an interesting week for your blog' were her words amongst her supportive and kind advice prior to me popping off to south Sudan over a week ago.

The commission was a rare one for Oxfam for many reasons but mainly because it was a one off trip taking a photographer to explore a place they work with the intention of producing a project that is shot uniquely.

It was a challenge I embraced instantly and for the past year numerous meetings and ideas have been occurring until I finally found myself at heathrow with a camera bag last week. The team were genuinely great; hardworking, welcoming, calm and delightful company and it made the whole experience a joy. Fortunately I was kept constantly occupied and well looked after.

Soooo what did I shoot?

All shall soon be revealed once edits have been completed but in the mean time here's some street photography ....