Image of the week...urges to visit the land of Irn Bru..

Image of the week...urges to visit the land of Irn Bru... Its been a while since I ve had a chance to revisit these images and I’m still itching to return to Ashley and continue the journey. I was speaking with someone today and the dreaded question arose: " So...what are you working on now?" It's one I'd love to know the answer to, to be excited by... but alas it stirs a feeling of writers block, fear and lack of achievement. But what I realized is projects don't always come from a formulated plan and they often evolve through innocence and trial and error. Photographing Ashley is something I would like to continue doing for as long as she agrees. I have no purpose or intention for an end product; I simply thrive on her story, character and the opportunity to create pictures. The pressure to answer such a simple and interested question eased and I was relieved to reply...: " Lots of different projects and I feel like I am learning so much". Part of me wishes I had a long term project planned, a trip, a theme or a quest...but for now I think I'll just follow my nose and look for inspiration with open eyes.