12..38am.. hmm almost...image of the week..pick n mix..

So it was close huh?

(Stop stealing the show...)

Timmy yet again makes the cut.. my new years resolution has to be to stop taking pictures of him.. alas he's like a cartoon character awaiting to be drawn. I thought I'd put a few images up from a variety of work.

There is a major element of disappointment and frustration in this post. Due to editorial deadlines I can't post work that has not been printed yet so until the calender allows you'll have to wait for Rob & his mum, Celetse and Anna's parents.

I am feeling rather grey at the moment. After a lush season of ritually shooting personal work,during which loading my Bronica was no longer a pleasure but mere daily routine... I have reached a deadend pit of nothingness.

Collecting dust within my cupboard I shed a tear of frustration that my Bronica has been craddled so little in the past two weeks...

(Harmless- Alison Faulkner)

The murky in-between periods of discovering new projects, contacting subjects for current ones and limited daylight makes madame Pannack slightly sad.

But patience, motivation, optimism and thermals will, I hope, force me to walk a few streets, drive a few miles and take a few trains to explore.The red tape of revealing new commissions will not deter my need for new imagery...stay strong little one.. and get your arse in gear.

It was definitely Impossible