Image of the week...predicting colour

It's a common annoyance that towards the end of any trip I am fishing through my bag of films to find a roll of 400, like sifting through muesli for the raisins. These negatives reached new levels of being underexposed but I recall the immense mission of a drive to arrive at this location. Tired beyond words and near the state of a toddler tantrum Andrei propped me up and dragged me from the car. I was glad too, even just to remove myself from the wagon. We shot a few playful frames and looking at them now I cant imagine them in color.

With eyes dropping I’ll also include this one, as I am indebted for my lack of a post last week. This image is an opposite of those above. The colors define it. We decided to revisit the polluted lake; a location that although famous still offers new inspiration. The murky thick orange waters paint the scene and every time I am there I wonder what lies beneath.

Hopefully more awake and coherent next week



Image of the week...ghost town

Eerie did not and cannot define this isolated and forgotten town.  We cruised around in last light at a snails pace, curb crawling the empty ghostly shells of buildings. The atmosphere was amplified by not a single soul to be seen. What happened here?

The tease of this place was that capturing the buildings would never do the place justice. It was a filmmakers dream and the setting was a perfect backdrop to the tale. However I did not want to stay here; neither of us did. We were hesitant to even spend then night. I can't explain it but something just felt 'wrong'. It was bizarre, as I have never wanted to leave a place so rich in potential yet so heavy in negative ambience.

One night at least, that s what we agreed. With still no one in sight the next day Andrei and I played frustratingly amongst the incredible scenes.

The first exhibition opened tonight in Paris… the big party is tomorrow…



come along! x

come along! x

Image of the week… a fail -the boy on the red motorbike

I feel like hotels have become my shell. I have been lucky enough recently to jump from country to country; shooting, working and learning…. so once again a late post …

With such a rationed stock of two cassettes of Polaroid film I was precious. Often when shooting Polaroid it can feel like guessing game as the focal plane never matches up to the viewfinder. The decision to reshoot the same frame based on the inaccuracies of the first are always a decision.

1) Is it worth it? 2) Do I change the exposure?

With such precious extinct film these decisions are laden with guilt, insecurities and often regret.

There was a scene recently in Romania I wish I had re-shot. It nagged me for days. When shooting analogue I always shoot 3 frames to be safe if I feel the scene/subject has potential.

It was a fleeting collide but the boy and his father seemed keen to help. The red popped out like a beacon and without hesitation I approached. The scene wasn't perfect but the harsh light and vivid red were a Polaroid match. Those 60 seconds of waiting to peel the film should have been done in front of them; instead I thanked them as we walked to the car, the unpeeled film resting tucked into my pants to keep warm against my belly.

As soon as it was revealed I lamented, the composition just wasn’t right… it didn't work. The beastly unpredictable nature of Polaroid had played me and won, once again.



Image of the week...cutting glass, living rocks

Two images for my late post.

Both of these are from the Romanian rolls I recently found myself heartbroken to go through. The last trip felt good. A pure release and a chance to play and push myself; but alas with disappointing results. Perhaps the lack of portraits frustrated me but in general a wave of frustration swept over me as I impatiently scrolled through the scans. The next phase is to analyze why and where I failed.

In the mean time I shall remember some sweet memories that already seem so far away. This glass shop reminded me of being stuck inside an old aquarium. I remember my first fish tank had the vivid forest green foam on the bottom to keep it safe and this little shop was lined with the stuff. I found myself hypnotized as the salesman effortlessly glided the blade through the sheets of glass as if they were silk. They moved quickly and spoke very little. The main gent I was targeting unfortunately declined a portrait and seemed rushed off his feet and eager to hide. Disheartened but in the mood to shoot I caught a few frames as they cut our shapes.

Two sets of living rocks were on the agenda; my preferred option lay in a tiny village off road. As we meandered the windy gravel path we passed what appeared to be a father and son chopping down trees and building a fence. We parked up and wandered back down for a chat. They weren’t in fact related but both had interesting faces and the older man introduced himself as Romeo. We decided to wander the streets for a bit and an hour later we passed our friend Romeo again. He eagerly insisted to accompany us to the rocks but seemed a little more ‘merry’ by now. The confusing hike up made me feel incredibly grateful to have stumbled across a local willing guide.  With time not on our side we stopped half way and sucked in the view. As I nestled amongst the UFO shaped stones I shot a few frames of our hero…OAO x

image of the transit

Despite having lots of practice to master to art of traveling I still seem to be epically failing...

I have the complete inability to travel light and every time I prepare a 'to go' bag to grab for my next trip it seems to get raided for emergency shampoo mid week or loaded with 'just in case items' ( exhibit A I just found a spare Nokia 3310 with charger and sim card packed for a 2 night stay in France)

Anyway, somehow myself and my luggage managed to make it here despite arriving at Gatwick an hour and half before take off and realizing Heathrow Terminal 3 was actually on my boarding pass.

So whilst Arles is beautiful I forgot how this old city is the last place on earth to get wifi. My sister has managed to skype me from the depths of South Asia jet picking up a decent wifi signal here is unheard of.

Enough moaning 

I ve been with Actes Suds today finalizing my book . I have to say that I'm slightly gutted as they seem great and I wish I could be happier with the work and feel it is ready as a book. However I see this book as a kind of comma to review the YWA project and look back over my blog. The book celebrates the award and the experience in itself if fascinating as Im learning the process and how it actually takes me far longer to edit than i anticipated. This book has come in a rush so an escape to Romania to focus my mind away and back to the roots of the work felt essential.

With the teeny window of decent wifi I managed to download the latest scans. Here s one from a few weeks back. With tired eyes Ill leave the stories until next week...bonne nuit oao xx

Image of the week...decisions on the road

Which village? Which subject? Shall we move on? Shall we try and make it work? Is it going to rain...

I'm trying to go with the flow but actually somewhat enjoying the pondering questions that revolve around my head with each day of roaming. I vent that I am frustrated by my monkey brain but Andrei argues these questions are important. They infuse maturity in an approach, he comments with certainty. "The ability to make a decision is greater than just trying everything..."

I'm on the fence.

I often lament when leaving a scene to early or arriving too late. I kick myself for a badly composed frame or a badly lit Sergi our 4x4 driver comments with a twinkle in his eye: " It is hard being an artist huh?"

I'm loving being on the road and only wish I could do it more. However I'm craving my own bed and being reunited with Pigeon.

Here's a decision I made. After a slight debate we did a U turn so that I could assess the scene. We had whizzed passed an old looking huge wheel of swings in the garden of a restaurant. It immediately felt like a deja vu before I connected that I had dreamt about something very similar a few nights before. Spooked, I walked over and shot a few frames...why not? even just as a reminder...oao x

Image of the week...Roturning

I just dashed to the car to get my charger and was hit by a wall of snow filled wind. The wet flakes took me by surprise as I returned to the lobby soaked and miffed. I was wearing a t shirt yesterday and coating myself in factor 30...

Today we returned to the 'spot' in the haunted village we felt offered a seductive backdrop for a portrait but yet again it was ghostly empty. After losing our way and our patience we hit the road to Vatra Doreni and searched for the wooden path to the forest.

I'm tired so more stories next time but for now here's a relic from a trip to Romania at least 3 years ago when we spent the day school assisted by a group of patient creative and adorable kids. I’ll never forget the atmosphere of that building and it's cold concrete walls. It was a visual wonder.

Good night from the mountains OAO x


Image of the week…the hour that broke the clock

Clocks losing or gaining an hour throws me. The days now feel 5 hours shorter and I’m chasing my tail. Tonight my work will feature alongside some of my heroes, mentors and great friends at The Saatchi gallery. It’s been an exciting and intense journey. From snow in New York to hurricanes in Hackney. We were all given the brief of ‘selfie to self expression’. I decided to focus on the way that young people have grown up with a dual identity; their online and physical/literal self. Adolescence is a crucial time when our identities are being challenged. Working with a two way mirror I asked my subjects all aged between 7 and 17 to really see themselves; spend time with their reflection and confront and accept their appearance. Shooting both for the brief and then for myself I was conscious that they couldn’t see me. I asked the young people to concentrate on areas of their reflection intensely and meditatively let their attention flow around their features. It was fascinating to attempt to connect with my subjects as they connected with themselves. I tried to step inside their heads and watch their reaction and gaze. I’m looking forward to seeing all the interpretations of such a current and in depth subject matter and raise a glass to all of our fun but hard work.   OAO xx

Clocks losing or gaining an hour throws me. The days now feel 5 hours shorter and I’m chasing my tail.

Tonight my work will feature alongside some of my heroes, mentors and great friends at The Saatchi gallery. It’s been an exciting and intense journey. From snow in New York to hurricanes in Hackney.

We were all given the brief of ‘selfie to self expression’. I decided to focus on the way that young people have grown up with a dual identity; their online and physical/literal self.

Adolescence is a crucial time when our identities are being challenged. Working with a two way mirror I asked my subjects all aged between 7 and 17 to really see themselves; spend time with their reflection and confront and accept their appearance. Shooting both for the brief and then for myself I was conscious that they couldn’t see me. I asked the young people to concentrate on areas of their reflection intensely and meditatively let their attention flow around their features. It was fascinating to attempt to connect with my subjects as they connected with themselves. I tried to step inside their heads and watch their reaction and gaze.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the interpretations of such a current and in depth subject matter and raise a glass to all of our fun but hard work.


OAO xx

Image of the week …bad breaking 

A bag the size of my cat stood neatly beside Alys as she warmly greeted me, soaked by the skylight at Birmingham station.

“Where’s your boat?” I asked

She pointed to her feet. I was curious to see how the Mary Poppins bag transformed into a vehicle.

The toasty sun on our cheeks was a treat for the stroll but a bitch for the shoot. We walked along the canal to find inspiration of where to shoot Alys in the boat. 

4 minutes of well-rehearsed boat inflating, a large red dingy emerged. I was impressed.

We shot a few frames but the game of composition, light, angle and engagement was challenged further by a drifting current and a fisherman who would never catch a fish.

She hopped back to land as we headed further towards a dinky and unusual bridge.

Finding our next spot I held my Hasselblad to my face.

The shutter didn’t budge

Dark slide still in?

End of the roll?



I knew this situation a little too well

Digital it was then

The next idea was for me to be in the water too via an island. Taking it in turns to float across we reached a precarious straw filled island. The wind was picking up so we held everything down using rocks as I reluctantly raised my digital camera.

The screen went blank


Lens connection?

Really???? 2 cameras?

One last try before I pulled in the back up digital…ok we ‘re alive again


Crossing back to stable land I felt my bum getting soaked. A hole in the boat from the rocksWe really weren’t having much luck.Slightly irritated we both decided a change of scene was essential.


We prowled the perimeter of the industrial wasteland looking for an entrance. Over-confidently we strolled through a car garage to climb over the wall. As soon as I reached the other side I smiled.

It was a stunning wasteland over grown with moss and plants.

Alys modestly explained the vegetation as we weaved through exploring like puppies in a new home.

Despite our tools failing this shoot was a perfect combination of a stunning stroll, a little adventure and great company.


The second image due to my huge slackness is an editorial.  I rarely use the word nice. It feels insulting but in this case I mean it in the most positive way possible. Eileen Hogan was warm, gentle and just incredibly…. nice. Chatting to her about similar passions I felt a connection and a sense of calm and enjoyment on this shoot. Her subject matter at the moment is gardens and this felt just like taking a walk with her through some tranquil floral gardens. Relaxing and meditative.




image of the week...the endless search

I feel like I spend a lot of time: -In transit

-Finding things

-Losing things

-Breaking things

-Fixing things


So perhaps it's time for another adventure

A tired post I warn thee. At the moment I am delving through all of my negatives in search of a few for the shows coming up this year for the HSBC award. It's a strange task. Despite being boring most of the time it is also a lovely reminder of moments easily forgotten. This image is from the trip with lucky. Rambling through the forest en route to meet some massive dogs we came across this guy. Lucky warned he might not be too receptive. Baked in light I watched him work and edged closer with caution. We spoke a little and I talked about work in London and looking back the conversation feels like a million years ago. I recall feeling like we talked for about an hour. Chatting whist I danced in between the twigs attempting to compose something, stay upright and not get in his way. This shot makes me want to run back to a forest for a bit.


image of the week...Dench strolls

"Your hair looks glossy Pannack, what conditioner do you use?"

dencha fb
dencha fb

The dictaphone appears in my peripheral as we step off the train into the salty wind of the coast at Southend Central. Dench sports a next generation hyper camera device round his neck like a medallion over his iconic Fila sports top. The tiny camera blinks at me every second recording my movements like a tracking device. What have I let myself into I think?

At this point I don't know Dench that well. I mean I've seen him at PV's and we’ve done a show together but our banter is always lighthearted, sarcastic and enjoyable. I've always just thought..Peter Dench, he's a funny man, I like him. Strangely the first time I was introduced to him was when he tagged me in a video he made at Perpignan years ago. Flattering me with an excited commentary :"Now the party has really begun, Laura Pannack has arrived in Perpignan!". This royal introduction intrigued me and I was eager to meet this humorous charmer.

So today is a chance to go beyond that and really unravel the one they call Dench. I'm surprised and honored he's asked me to be in his book The Dench Dozen where he has selected a mere 10 British photographers and interviewed them in depth. (

This is our interview. I requested a stroll as I think it's the best way to break down barriers and evolve a relationship. I'm also craving a trip to a seaside town.

We decide to hit the pier. It's long. Really long it holds the record as the longest pier.

What's at the end? A bar? A cafe? An arcade? No. Nothing.

When we do arrive at the other end, sweaty and disappointed Dench leans into the sea breeze...snap

OAO xx

image of the week..baggy trousers

So so close...but I usually opt for rest rather than post when my eyes are falling. 

“Where would you like to shoot? It needs to be in London and have a relevance to Brexit. “ 

The mind races...everywhere has a relevance. I google the boroughs that voted to leave in London. There are four: To it is! 

Samira flies over and herself and her suitcases of clothing pile into my weeny Kia. As we cruise to Dagenham we formulate a game plan. Ideally we are looking for first time voters. First stop , the colleges . As expected we receive the full on high vis security treatment after 10 mins of loitering. Fair play. Bus stops and curb crawling next. We manage to flag down a few teens and quickly realize that the day has flown by and light is fading. Having just returned back from the sunny Texas light I realize London at 3 pm is dark as a cave. 

They flake one by one. Our last option is the only boy we spotted. With only girls clothing we are hesitant but Ryan’s white hair seem like a top option in this fading light and we manage to pull out a CK silver bomber jacket that makes him shine. I call it a day and say that rather than waste too much of his time we will shoot a few frames but return tomorrow...another paid modeling gig..sure he s up for it happy 18 year old returns home. 

He’s not picking up? This is so odd. He seemed fine this morning to meet at 11..where is he? Why has he got cold feet. Rhiannon and I are concerned and prepare ourselves for a repeat day of street casting before shooting. 

“Hello” “Ryan! I thought you’d bailed” “Sorry the police stopped us. Im here , where are you?” 


His baby face coyly greets us and explains that they were questioned for no reason and that this is a common occurrence. We shrug and drive on to our first spot. We leave Ryan to change in the car and return to find him drowning in a pair of jeans. He holds them up like clown trousers and we giggle as we manage to keep them afloat with a belt.

After switching to a few locations, one swimming with odd junk including fridges we decide the greenery was our best shout.

The sun disappears and the fleeting window of light we had vanishes. We drop Ryan off ,as he departs , he gleams and asks if he can model again. I reassure him that he would be an asset to any project, great hair, great attitude and a calm vibe. OAO x

Image of the week ...If there's no coincidence, there won't be stories

After working off a cracked Iphone screen for a week I can safely say I value the luxury of a Macbook pro more than ever. A double whammy for my lack of tenacity to persist with tiny broken technology.

As many times as we dissect the tale Andrei and I seem to resort to allowing our feet to follow our noses in search of inspiration. It had been a week, and by now my mind is riddled with doubt and over analyzed concepts.

“Look!" he says as I dreamily gaze out of the window.


We stop the car. There are two boys playing with hand made bow and arrows. We exchange a gaze of total amazement. Their sense of adventure, choice of weapon and youthful appearance was all so relevant.

Light was fading and fast. They agreed and played excitedly as I shot. Out of film I turn back to search my bag. Swinging around I see an empty darkening scene. It's silent.They have scampered off in search of more adventure.

The images don't ‘work' , not in the way I had imagined. Too literal? Bad light? Rusty composition... still the moment reminded me how fond I am of coincidences.


“Do you know who owns these puppies? “I say as three beautiful black cute pupps gaze up at me as if I have just given birth to them. They keep their eyes fixed on me as they slalom drunkly between my legs, tripping me up. This game continues for almost 40 minutes until I realize I have consented an adoption.

The tanned boy in baggy clothes cooly looks back and walks towards me. He bends down and pets them.

"No idea, but I think they’re yours now"

We stroll towards his house, speaking of the past and why he lives in a sleepy, secluded, small town miles from entertainment.

The past seems riddled with regret. He speaks of being saved, blessed by good people who accept him.

I meet his cats and dogs and we watch as all of the beasts fight for a munch at the treats. After shooting a few frames I step backwards onto a snoring pile of puppies safely guarding my camera gear.

Their love reaches no limits as they attempt to follow me as I cross the highway, escaping near death, they wait patiently for my return. We have no choice but to distract them with frankfurters before dashing into the car and speeding off. I watch them sadly in the mirror as we head to our next ghost town...oao x

image of the week...time management

My slackness is becoming more than a bad habit and I need to take a class in time management For my sins two images,

It's an arduous but essential process to painfully revisit everything I've shot from Romania and this neg is one I seem to return to.


In the cold, damp storeroom of the old school, abandoned paraphernalia lined the floor; I delved through the forgotten clutter and stumbled across these globes. It felt like someone had placed them there before I arrived. Looking at the image now I notice details that escaped me at the time; like the sellotape holding the two halves together. I have a huge urge to embark on another adventure right now; my feet are itching.

The second, another from my TIME shoot with Christine & the queens. Shooting black and white has snuck back into my process organically over the past few years and it's becoming a preference lately.  It presents an alternative reality; allocating space to see the world more simply- in lines, tones and shades. Switching between colour and black and white is a conscious yet simple decision; it's always nice to have a choice ...

oao x


Image of the week...revealing

With little sleep and a vow to never drinking gin again I collided with Rachel in our traditional fashion. Ever expecting a late pannack her draw dropped and eyes widened at the surprisingly punctual greeting at the train barriers. Hunting for caffeine in the fresh winter sun we attempted to fill in the gaps. Rach and I have been friends for over 10 years and I’ve always wanted to shoot her. She has striking features and I knew her gaze would be focussed, meditative and committed. As most pictures of her reveal, she has an understanding of photography and it translates in how she presents herself.  She is patient, quiet and confident; participating in the act rather than being passively observed.  Like all the best subjects she likes to dance with the image-maker.


However, after refuelling we got distracted with tales and the sun was hastily leaving us. We frantically searched for a backdrop and grabbing what we could we shot a few frames. This isn’t my fav of the shoot but Ill save that for another time; besides I am now determined to kidnap her for a reshoot.

The many faces of Luigi from Tuscany. It seems a lifetime ago but the respite of the cool walls in our classroom also acted as a perfect backdrop to practice some portraiture.  What surprised everyone about Luigi was his multi dimensional persona. What I yearned to capture was the true identity of this complex joker. He was intangible. Like an actor every frame ignited a new character, the camera seemed to trigger his desire to play and I could only surrender to his game. Whichever Luigi wanted to be portrayed in that moment I had to let appear.


I’m on board a flight to NY at the moment and would pay money for fresh air. Long haul flights are one of my Room 101 gifts. The trapped space and the desire to sleep or be active totally restricted. Sure it’s a first world problem, I’m lucky to be flying away and equally lucky to have just wolfed down a bunch of sleeping pills…bonne nuit OAO x

Image of the week...All for nuthin

"Who's idea was it to come to Texas anyway?" I avoid the question.

21 days and over 2000 miles later I still don't know the answer. The working title of our trip 'All for nuthin' gained a stronger relevance as the days passed. Nevertheless, the true value of any trip is the adventure. "Something will always happen" seems to be echoing in my head at the moment.

In some ways it was a disappointment; especially reflected in how little I shot. I have to remind myself that these exercises are there to challenge my practice, train my eyes, push my patience and expand my mind. Despite the frustration, I was doing what I love most; urban hiking in a foreign land with the sun on face. I rambled, talked to strangers and hunted beyond the banal.

As I paddle my way through January I have managed to form some kind of edit from the mere few rolls I shot.


Here were the most frequent scenarios:

1 The light was perfect but there was nothing to shoot

2 The scene was perfect but there were no people about

3 It was too bright 4 It was too dark

5 It was boring beyond saving

6 It was a stereotype

The relentless empty wanderings could only be cured by:

1 Great coffee

2 Great conversations


I shall leave you with theses images (two for my late post) and promise that more Texas tales shall follow soon OAO x